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Nairobians raise concerns over nonfunctional CCTV cameras

By NYABOGA KIAGE October 10th, 2018 1 min read

Nairobi residents have raised concern over some CCTV cameras within the city centre saying that they were not operational.

The residents said that most of the Close Circuit Television Camera looked unreliable and nonoperational.

Ms Mary Muthoni, who owns a phones shop along Moi Avenue, said she doubted whether the cameras could be relied on in case of a burglary.

She asked the Nairobi County government to service the cameras.

“These cameras, especially these in downtown Nairobi, are highly unreliable. How I wish they are renovated or checked regularly,” said Ms Muthoni.

Stephen Mureithi shared the same the same sentiments.


“The cameras have never been renovated, we all know CCTV cameras need regularly servicing but I have never had of such a plan,” he said.

Joel Gori pointed out that most of the cameras have been installed in streets with poor on no lighting.

“How can a CCTV work on a street that does not have light. It is really challenging,” he said.

The cameras were installed within the city centre at a cost of Sh400 million.

In 2015, a report by Nairobi ward representatives revealed that the cameras could not be relied on.

The report revealed that only 40 of the cameras were functional with 33 producing low quality images that could not be relied on.

The report also revealed that some of the cameras were not even connected to the control room.