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Resign! Kabando wa Kabando now dares Ruto

Former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando has asked President William Ruto to resign saying he was not ready to be president.

Kabando who was responding to President Ruto’s New Year’s message suggested that he should voluntarily resign or non-violent mass action shall evict him.

In a post on the X platform, Kabando tweeted, “Happy New Rais Ruto. For all your naked failures in 2023, you blamed your boss of 10 years, Uhuru. Ridiculously, on this 1st day, 2024, you blame the opposition for your 2023 leadership disasters. Clearly, you were NOT ready to be president. Resign or nonviolent mass action evicts you!”

While delivering his speech just hours before the New Year, Dr Ruto voiced his concerns about facing sabotage from various quarters, including individuals with vested interests, state officers, and those who had profited from an unfair system.

He went on to accuse Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition and the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition, of allegedly promoting ‘division, conflict, and anarchy.’

Dr Ruto also pointed out that a range of policies, programs, and crucial strategic initiatives launched by his Kenya Kwanza administration had been hindered and delayed due to ongoing litigation battles.

“There is nothing wrong with challenging policy and holding government to account and, in fact, the national interest is best safeguarded in an environment defined by the competition of progressive ideas, where a good proposal gives way to a better one,” he said.

“… you will agree with me that there is something fundamentally wrong with opposition, without any viable alternatives, whose only purpose is division, conflict, and anarchy; and litigation, sponsored by hostage-taking vested interests, with the sole aim to delay, derail and sabotage the delivery of public programs and defeat public interests,” he went on.

President Ruto’s remarks come days after Mr Odinga issued an ultimatum to the government to either repeal the Finance ACt 2023 or face the return of demonstrations in 2024.

Speaking on Saturday, December 30th while in Nyanza, Odinga said that the implementation of taxation measures as stipulated in the act has led to an increase in the cost of living for struggling Kenyans.

“We want the Finance Bill revoked, if they fail to do so we will go back to the streets,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked Kenyans to be patient with the government in 2024 as it seeks to address the economic hardships facing the country.

Speaking in Nakuru on New Year’s Eve, DP Gachagua acknowledged that the past year had been challenging for Kenyans. However, he made a commitment that the upcoming year would usher in a positive transformation in the lives of many Kenyan citizens.

“I want to assure you, hizi shida zimekuwa huu mwaka ni kidogo, huu mwaka wa 2024 tukiuangalia tunaona mwangaza na mbele iko sawa,” he said.

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