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Respect is two-way, ‘wacha matusi’, Ole Ntutu scoffs at Raila

Narok Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu has responded to Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga, who earlier claimed that the governor didn’t win the election fairly.

Mr Ntutu said respect is a two-way thing and that failure to respect him as governor means that the community leaders will also fail to respect Mr Odinga in the future.

The governor has accused the Azimio leader of directing his electoral anger at him instead of at President William Ruto, whom he ran against.

Mr Ntutu said the Maasai community had moved on after last year’s election and are now behind the President, who recently visited the area.

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Kitu nataka kuambia mzee Raila ni awachane na watu wa Narok kwa sababu watu wa Narok wamekubali kwamba watafanya kazi na William Ruto… ni mbaya kwa mtu wa rika ya babangu kuja kutukana watoto (I want to tell Raila to leave Narok residents alone because they have agreed to work with President William Ruto… it’s absurd for my father’s age mate to insult children),” Ntutu said.

The governor Mr Odinga’s visit to the area amounted to nothing, unlike the president’s visit that came with the handing over Amboseli National Park to the community from the government.

Sasa wewe ukikuja na kupiga kelele na unaenda bure, hata sadaka hauwezitolea watoto wa Maasai. Sasa tumechanuka. Hii maneno yako watu wamejua ni ya uongo (You always come and make noise and leave without giving the Maasai anything. People have now known that your words are not true),” the governor said.

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Governor Ntutu maintained that he won the election fair and square and that allegations by Mr Odinga that ODM’s candidate Moitalel Kenta won are lies.

Ntutu, who ran on a UDA ticket won the seat with 158,100 votes against Mr Kenta’s 148,270 votes.

Mr Odinga had accused the Governor Ntutu of mobilizing the residents to quit ODM and join the Kenya Kwanza side.

“Does he know when ODM was established? Where was he? He should resign and allow people to vote afresh and see if he will win,” Mr Odinga said.

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