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Respect Uhuru, Wamalwa warns Mudavadi

By Mercy Simiyu January 28th, 2022 2 min read

Luhya leaders have castigated the move by Musalia Mudavadi to team up with Deputy President William Ruto ahead of the 2022 general elections.

Led by Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi, together the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Eugene Wamalwa, with other political leaders on January, the leaders also took issue with Mudavadi’s speech on the day he left the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) coalition.

While addressing the media on Thursday, Wamalwa said it is the time for the Mulembe Nation to stick together and not be drugged around by the people that do not have their best interests.

“It is very uncharacteristic for Musalia to be an ‘attack dog’, it is not like him , he’s been the gentleman of the Kenyan politics, I am disappointed with what he said, I don’t know what he ate that day, we thought he is taking us to State House, but rather he is taking us to wheelbarrow and we won’t fall for that,” said Wmalwa.

“If you want to remain out of the government please be but please we are asking you to respect the President if you agreed to be an attack dog be prepared for attacks, be prepared for the scrutiny of the your record, you better be prepared.”

Wamunyinyi added: “We are still growing till we reach at our goal, we are looking at 2027 but for now our focus is Raila Odinga, As we grow we want to be a national party with the face of Kenya but also help our people from western Kenya because they’ve suffered in the hands of those who have now gone to Tanga Tanga (read Ruto).”

When launching his presidential bid at the Bomas of Kenya, Mudavadi blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta for the economic hardships the country was facing and asked Kenyans to reject his preferred successor.

He also claimed the country was broke owing to bad debt and looting.

“How can we be proud that the government has bankrupted themselves and the people? How can we accept to live on our knees,” he said.

And Lugari lawmaker Ayub Savula, who ditched Mudavadi for Raila Odinga said his former party boss should be careful with his words and rather stick to what he is doing

“Mudavadi has started Ruto habits. He’s never thrown words at people but we witnessed him throwing words at the President. I am asking him to leave the President and focus on what you know best,” said Savula.

At the event, the new political outfit, which has Wamunyinyi as the party leader and Eseli Simiyu as secretary-general, welcomed Trans-Nzoia Women Representative Janet Nangabo as its newest member.