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Respect Wangari Thiongo! Jimal Rohosafi told over flirting with Amber Ray

Jimal Marlow alias Rohosafi (clean heart) has been camping in the Instagram comment section belonging to his infamous ex-mistress, Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, and posting comments within minutes- almost seconds- of her updating her socials.

This behavior returned after a heavily pregnant Amber Ray announced she was no longer in a relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, her ex-fiancé, and that she was done with love.

She also said she was embarking on being a single mother of two.

As Amber Ray was one of the major reasons that entrepreneur and socialite Amira filed for divorce from Jimal, it would appear that Jimal is looking to round back and rekindle his highly scandalous relationship with Amber Ray.

This is despite Jimal having a new woman in his life, Michelle Wangari Thiongo, who recently gave birth to their first baby.

In the hours following the third and possibly final breakup between Amber and Kennedy, Jimal was already stamping his footprint in Amber’s life, sometimes subtly and other times shamelessly flirting with her on social media.

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In one instance, he invited Amber Ray to come and work for his credit lending company, the same company where Wangari is also his employee.

In another instance, after it emerged that Amber was only attracted to men who own Range Rovers, Jimal got her a Range Rover that she bragged about- even going as far as calling him her blesser (married financial sponsor).

A third instance was when Jimal claimed he would have met with Amber Ray to “hit” her baby’s head but couldn’t because Ramadhan was ongoing and he was fasting.

On April 8, 2023, Amber announced that she would be club hosting- with her possibly 8 months old pregnancy- in Eldoret, and as usual, Jimal could be found in her comment section.

“Ningekupeleka 😢 ni vile kesho niko na tournament huruma…(I would have accompanied you, it’s only that I have a tournament in Huruma tomorrow)” said Jimal.

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Following his comment, some of Amber’s followers proceeded to tell Jimal to have some respect for Wangari and their infant.

“Si hata uheshimu wangare😢 nkt! (Why can’t you respect Wangare!)” said Shee Wa Njuguna.

Others asked Jimal what he thought he was doing by not considering Wangari’s position in his life and the array of emotions she was experiencing due to his behaviors. On the flip side, some claimed that Jimal believed Amber Ray was his one woman after failing Amira and being unable to toe Wangari’s line.

Nairobi News reported that Wangari threatened to walk away from Jimal after he and Amber Ray got back into each others’ lives.

In several Instagram stories she shared, she shared a song in which the singer was telling her bae goodbye for doing her wrong when she wanted to be with him and treat him right.

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