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Rev Lucy Natasha rocks full combat in latest stunt

Reverend Lucy Natasha is at it again. This time around she has posters wearing combats and carrying a firearm while the message is welcoming the public to her services.

In the poster that has made rounds on social media, the reverend is inviting members of the public to Miracle Monday, which is a series of divine sermons that will take place every Monday in the month of February 2020.

The venue of the function will be at the 680 Hotel, at the exhibition hall and the entrance is free.


The poster also reveals that the sermons will be taking place from 5:30pm and will last for three hours.

It remains unclear why she decided to dress in the combat and carry a gun but Natasha has always hit media headlines for her sideshows.

The Kenyan law states that a civilian should not dress in combat attires as it may subject one to a 10-year term imprisonment or a fine not exceeding Sh1 million -or both.

The National Police Service Act under section 101 (1) states that “A person other than a police officer who, without the written authority of the Inspector-General puts on or assumes, either in whole or in part, the uniform, name, designation or description of a police officer, or a uniform resembling or intended to resemble the uniform of a police officer is guilty.”

Section 279 of the KDF Act provides for “imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year” for offenders.