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Rev Natasha ‘commits cardinal sin’ with this prophesy on President Mnagangwa

Reverend Lucy Natasha of the Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, appears to have committed a cardinal sin after visiting Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnagangwa at State House.

This is at least according to her fans on Twitter, most of whom expressed their anger following her post, especially considering recent events at his country.

Rev Natasha posted pictures of herself together with the Zimbabwean president looking smart.

She also shared her divine revelations on Mr Mnagangwa’s presidency, saying that he will soon be ushered into a new realm of favour and influence.

“Great moments with His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe in State House earlier today. I prophesy that God will usher you into a new realm of favor, dominion and influence,” tweeted Reverend Lucy Natasha.

Her last statement is what appears to have irked some online users led by Zimbabweans on Twitter.

Many of them bashed Rev Natasha arguing that her prayers and concerns should have been directed to the hundreds of people who were hurt during the recent police riots.

On November 20, police in Harare used force to disperse supporters of the main opposition party who had gathered to listen to a speech by their leader.

“Why are women so heartless? Why is your prophecy so deceitful? This is very wrong. There is no prophecy that endorses wrong. Why has your prophecy not touched lives of bereaved families killed by the army? Why does your church not see blood dripping on these people? Unethical,” wrote @MuzvareBetty.

“New realm of what???? Go back to sender,” said @bee_maqq.

“One of the 400 prophets of Baal or Elijah? May the God, in whose name you claim to prophesy deal with you accordingly!” stated @tmachigidi.

“Can she prophesy him out of office?” asked @Shonamoyo4.

“I was actually contemplating joining your church, thanks God I dodged a bullet,” said @Williamo3391041.