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Rev Natasha, hubby discuss ‘fake’ miracles

By Wangu Kanuri February 24th, 2022 2 min read

Flamboyant City Preacher Lucy Natasha and her Indian husband Prophet Stanley Carmel say they are planning for five kids.

In a recent interview with celebrated journalist Lynn Ngugi on her YouTube channel, Rev Natasha admitted they are now living as man and wife even minus the white wedding.

However, she adds that they are set to do two ceremonies, a white wedding in India and a celebration of their union in Canada.

“Coming from different culture, there were challenges definitely but we always find a mutual ground to work with. I’m learning to make Indian dishes while he tries out different Kenyan dishes,” she adds.

Additionally, Rev Natasha admits that online news that she was faking miracles were unreal and it is somewhat the price she pays for being in the public domain.

“You know there are different alter calls and if one person appears in two that does not mean its acting,” she explained.

The duo also adds that even though criticism is inevitable, they choose what will affect them and what will not.

“If you do not know us personally, we will not take your comments personal,” she said.

For their relationship to continue thriving despite their lives being out in the open, the two attribute the success to their earlier friendship and compatibility.

While defending her philanthropic ministry, Natasha’s Hands of Compassion, the sassy preacher said she came from a less privileged family hence that’s her driving force into giving.

“I know we are in the political season and even though I affiliate myself with the political leaders I’m not planning to run for any seat.”

Identifying themselves as global preachers with their ministry all over the world, the duo said that they will live anywhere between Kenya, India and Canada.

Refuting claims that they preach mainly on prosperity gospel, Prophet Carmel said that the Bible has different messages and them being preachers, they touch on every area.

“Christ did not die so that we suffer however we do not advocate for people to suffer all through their lives.”

While motivating people who are married, the duo said that even though marriage is not a bed of roses, relying on God and praying together and addressing issues will make the marriage beautiful.

“Change the concept from what I am getting to what I am giving and two people come together and give happiness, support, compliments then it will work,” Prophet Carmel said.

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