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Rev Njoya blames the gods for bhang growing in his garden

By EDDY KAGERA October 11th, 2017 1 min read

Vocal cleric Timothy Njoya has thrilled Twitter by posting a picture of a bhang weed that he says has grown in his garden after being deposited by floods from Ngong Hills.

The cleric, famous for his involvement in the second liberation movement, announced that he would destroy the weed on Wednesday.

But most weed lovers beseeched the man of God to spare the plant.

Some offered to “destroy” it free of charge.

Bun Yore‏ (@Wangalla) said: “Good morning Rev, may i offer my disposal services for free of charge,” while Riaz Gilani‏ (@RiazGilani) wondered, “My first question would be to ask ‘how do you know what that is’?”

The Guv’nor‏ (@s_arlywah) pleaded, “Don’t destroy it, You can use it for research on its effect on the boy child,” before Hon Kuria ‏(@hos_utd) quipped: “Reverend my company can do it for free. Thanks DM for contacts.”

KenyanFist (@KenyanFist) said: “We see you Rev. You waited for it to grow to maturity before ‘BURNING’ it. Let us know how it goes,” while kiri‏ (@dennis_kirimi) said, “NOOOOOO.. wait man, remebember that bit in the good book about preserving Gods creation, now now, father, don’t be destroy an innocent plant.”

Ben Orina‏ (@Ben_Orina) pleaded: “Preserve it. It’s needed in Kenya now. Tend it well.”

Bhang is illegal in Kenya and those found in possession are liable to a jail term of seven years.