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Rev Sammy Wainaina to Raila Odinga: Maandamano won’t help!

The All Saints Cathedral Provost Sammy Wainaina has called out the Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Alliance leader Raila Odinga for holding protests.

Speaking on JKL live, Wainaina shared that it does not help to keep holding protests – maandamanos. He urged him to allow the sitting government and its leaders to work and then hold them accountable.

“What they are doing now is playing ping pong. They either sit down and talk or they leave it and wait for the next four and a half years,” he said.

Additionally, the candid clergyman pointed out that Kenyans have assessed the situation and are relatively unconcerned about protests.

“We need to pay school fees and feed our children. We cannot keep maandamano alive…no!”

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In the same measure, Wainaina cautioned against the brewing culture of holding protests after every five years when a leader believes they were ‘denied’ victory during elections.

Terming the culture as bad, Wainaina shared that people should learn to respect different institutions mandated with elections and disputes arising from them.

Still, in Mr Odinga’s case, the Bishop explained that the opposition was in shambles discrediting that looting and destroying people’s properties was not a sign of standing for the Kenyans.

“We used to look at the opposition as the savior of this country, the opposition is in shambles. Do you know you can do maandamano without looting and destruction and bring the country to a standstill? That has happened in many countries in Europe,” he shared.

Then added, “Ours is stealing and I do not know why Mzee Raila does not condemn such things. So we are between hard rock and the devil. The opposition in this country cannot help us. So, people must agree and say the time has come up for us to take this one up.”

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