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​ Rev Tony Kiamah blasted by Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo for castigating polygamy

By Sammy Waweru January 30th, 2023 2 min read

A preacher has found himself in hot soup for allegedly castigating polygamy.

Renowned Royal Media Services (RMS) journalist Stephen Letoo has put Reverend Tony Kiamah on notice demanding that he withdraws his latest statement about polygamous marriage.

Through a TikTok video, Letoo wrote, “Rev. Tony Kiamah you are out of order…wachana na mambo ya Polygamy!!!”

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The media personality who does not shy off from supporting polygamy has expressed his dissatisfaction following the pastor’s comment.

“He says, polygamous families when their husbands die brings problems ati mabibi wanapigana,” Letoo quotes him in the 3 minutes and 38 seconds video.

“…There is a clip going rounds in social media, from one Rev Tony Kiamah. He alleges that polygamy is a sin and that it is a curse…Rev Tony Kiamah skiza, wachana na mambo ya polygamy (Listen, leave of polygamy alone). It is not for the faint hearted. Stop criminalizing it, stop making it look like a darkness in a man’s women’s lives,” the Citizen TV senior political affairs reporter is heard condemning the preacher.

Mr Letoo, a self-declared polygamous chair, further affirms his support of the union.

“A lot of families that are polygamous have had their husbands or bread winner’s dead, including my father who died in 2007. But to-date, our family is as iconic intact as if my father is still alive. All women who happens to be my mothers, still love each other and would still love each other forever,” he explains.

The journalist, however, wonders why the pastor equates polygamy to a toxic institution.

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Through his social media accounts, Letoo has gone public and admitted he fully supports marrying more than ‘one woman’ since the move is recognized within African cultures.

“You say that marrying a second wife is like going to the shop to buy poison or something. Pastor, please respect our children who are our wives…If you think that polygamous families are to be fought against, forget about it,” he warns.

The journalist condemns a sect of men in cloth, stating they preach water while taking wine behind the curtain.

“You pretend you have one wife only, but behind closed doors, you are wooing God’s people. You are predator’s looking to eat God’s creation. So please, let’s leave polygamy alone. It’s a good thing for Africa. We will go to church with all our wives – three, four, five and together we will praise Jesus,” he insists.

From the date posted, the reverend has been issued a 48 hours ultimatum to retract the statement, Letoo cautioning failure to he will mobilize polygamous members who attend his church to boycott services and also advise them to look for alternative churches.

Terming the matter urgent and serious, he says it will be discussed during this year’s Men’s Conference, which will be held on February 14. ​​

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