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Agala’s famous jig that came with numerous dancing lesson offers

National women volleyball team captain Brackides Agala says she received offers for dancing lessons in Nairobi, for her famous jig at Kasarani Stadium last June when Kenya won the African Nations title.

A video of the French based attacker leading her teammates to an exciting celebratory dance to the Sura Yako hit by boy band Sauti Sol subsequently went viral on social media a day after it was shared on NTV’s Facebook page.

The clip rivaled that of US President Barrack Obama’s dance to the same song months later.

The volleyball opted for a jig as a perfect celebration after defeating Algeria to win the African title and qualify for the World Cup, an exhibition that was widely appreciated by the capacity crowd at the 5,000 seater facility.


“We had not even thought about dancing to any song before the game,” Agala who is a Kenya Prisons Sergeant officer exclusively told Nairobi News at the team’s training base in Japan.

“But then, the DJ came to us before the game and asked us for the songs we would have wanted to dance to. When the match ended and we were all excited and started a routine dance which we had not practised even once,” Agala said.

“After that I received several calls, some from friends, others from guys who offer dancing classes, urging me exploit that potential. I didn’t even know how to respond to that.”

Agala who boasts ten years of playing professional volleyball including stints in Japan, will captain the Kenyan team at the 2015 FIVB World Cup, a competition that officially begins on Saturday evening.