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REVEALED: Corona link in Mr Lenny’s marriage woes

Veteran artiste Mr Lenny has publicly discussed the challenges that led to the breakdown of his marriage.

Speaking on the Iko Nini podcast, the father of two shared insights into the difficulties he and his ex-wife faced, with financial strain caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic playing a pivotal role.

“I believe that our marriage broke because both of us had issues, the main one being finances. I get money from events, but during Covid-19, there were no events. My job, which was also struggling before, closed completely,” Mr Lenny disclosed.

The artist elaborated on the strain caused by the absence of income, stating that the pressure on his wife to provide financially became a significant point of contention.

“It became a rift because my wife was the one paying off the bills. The jobs were very rare, and when they did come, the money would be used to clear debts. Eventually, she wanted out,” he explained.

Acknowledging his imperfections, Mr Lenny admitted:

“I am not perfect, and sometimes I have made bad decisions. Sometimes she would receive pressure from her friends, and the comparison of our relationship with others didn’t help. Covid-19 went on for two years, and at some point, she felt like I would never recover.”

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, he shed light on the unique challenges of being in the entertainment industry, emphasizing the ease with which one can succumb to peer pressure—a phenomenon he considers all too common.

With decades of experience in the music industry and as a father of two, Mr Lenny highlighted the importance of making responsible choices and staying away from harmful influences.

He also explained that he had taken a break from music and had even contemplated leaving the industry altogether due to the challenges he faced.

The demanding nature of the music industry, coupled with the responsibilities of running a business and being a family man, forced him to reassess his priorities.

“I went into business and became a family man, and as you know, once you have a family, things change, and you start looking at life differently. Balancing business, family, and music became a hard task for me, so I had to make a choice. I chose my business and my family,” Mr Lenny shared.

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