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REVEALED: Day Kibaki kicked NYS out of his home

Details have emerged of the moment retired President Mwai Kibaki kicked NYS servicemen out of his Othaya home ahead of the burial of his wife Lucy.

Mr Kibaki had travelled to Othaya to identify the burial site for his departed wife.

A bus-load of NYS servicemen lay in wait with fork jembes and shovels as well as cement and sand to plaster the grave.

After identifying the site, Mr Kibaki noticed the men in uniform, something that forced him to inquire on their identity.

Those familiar with the incident say the former Head of State was unimpressed when he was told that they had been brought to dig the grave and plaster it ahead of the burial later that Saturday.

“That can’t be. Go look for young men from around the village and have them do that work. That is how we do it here. And the grave will not be plastered,” the president is said to have said.

Within minutes, tens of young men had been found and were told to bring their own tools, which is what happens in village burials.

Upon arrival, Mr Kibaki ordered that ugali be prepared, which they would eat once the grave was complete.

The retired President also maintained that it’s the same village men who would bury his wife on the material, which is also what happens during village funerals.

As a result, the men were among the select few who were allowed access into the Kibaki’s compound besides invited dignitaries at the invite-only, state funeral.