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Revealed: How deadly Gaza gang is spreading out of Nairobi

A demonstration by residents of Ngecha village in Limuru on Monday over the presence of Gaza gang in the area opened the lid on the group’s growing presence in Nairobi’s satellite towns.

Gaza gang, long associated with crime in Eastlands, Nairobi, seems to be spreading its tentacles to neigbouring counties of Kiambu, Nakuru and Muranga, investigations by Nairobi News have revealed.

Those driving the recruitment campaign are targeting youths as young as 14 years old.

From its initial base in Dandora and Kayole Estates, the group has spread to Mathare and Umoja Estates in Eastlands, and to Kasarani, Santon area, Mwiki and Kahawa area in the outskirts of Nairobi.

Security agencies have placed surveillance on some of the gang’s cells operating in Naivasha, Limuru, Kiambu and Murang’a towns.


According to Saigon Purnisher, a Nairobi based faceless crime buster, Gaza members are seeking safe havens outside Nairobi to evade police dragnets.

Saigon Purnisher operates like the famous Hessy wa Kayole, sending out warnings via Facebook to members of the outlawed gang before some are found dead days later.

In his latest post, he asked parents to report their children who have been recruited to the Gaza gang to the nearest police station.

“Nai kumekuwa kumoto hadi hizi kunguni zikahamia maeneo kama Murang’a, Limuru, Naivasha, Kiambu mine is just a simple warning to them, turn away from crime na tutaelewana and don’t be deceived that hauwezipatikana na mkitaka kujua we are more serious watch the space,” read the post.

Members of the Gaza gang have an infamous reputation of being ruthless with their victims during robberies. They are armed with knives and guns and routinely kill their victims, including those who submit to all their demands.

Questions have been asked how the gang accesses guns.

A reformed gang member, who spoke to Nairobi News but requested anonymity, gave lurid details of how gang members get hold of firearms under the nose of security agencies.

“We have these retailers (agents) who sell clothes, shoes and perfumes in the estates. You just ask them if they have ‘mguu wa kuku’…  if they do you get it from them,” said the source.


He said gang members also organise gun-seeking missions which include attacking armed police officers and stealing their guns. He said that it is during such missions that police officers are attacked and their guns stolen.

“Beautiful ladies within the gang befriend police officers and plan how to attack them,” said the source.

Asked why he thinks the gang is spreading out into neighbouring counties, the source said it is the first significant indication that police are overwhelming the gang.

“The reason that made me change my ways for the better is the fact that police were killing almost everyone close to me. I started fearing that I could be next,” he said.

“When they even started using Facebook and sharing images that we take while we are alone, I started seeing that our days are numbered,” he added.

Another reformed gang member said that the recruiters have a way of identifying possible recruits. He said that the more a son or daughter is seen to be obedient to parents, the more they are likely to join the gang.


During their recruiting mission, the gang uses beautiful ladies to lure young men. The ladies torment boys who are still living with their parents by calling them names like ‘mtoto wa mama.’

“Imagine a lady taking you to her place and telling you that you are so old to be living with your parents. You end up moving in with her and with time she will ask you to start providing,” he said.