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Revealed: Details of slain US-based Kenyan man’s failed marriage to American wife

Details of how Mr Edward Morema Nyagechi, 65, left Kenya for the United States of America can now be revealed. Mr Nyagechi and his wife Ms Mong’ina Morema, 60, were killed on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, by unknown people and the motive of the heinous crime still a mystery.

In 2003, Mr Nyagechi relocated to the US after he married Ms Jull Lucille Nyagechi, 64. At that time, Mr Nyagechi was 45 years old while Ms Lucille was 46 years old.

However, he filed for divorce on June 24, 2011. The case type was a dissolution without children as they did not have any.

Court records in our possession show that Mr Nyagechi filed for the divorce and the case location is at Hennepin County in Minnesota.

The case which was under a Judicial officer known as Burke, Kevin S, was closed after both parties agreed to end the marriage.

Investigations by Nairobi News now reveal that four years after the divorce, Mr Nyagechi was in a relationship with a woman identified as Ms Irene Pamela Omayio, who at the time was in Kenya.

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Mr Nyagechi later facilitated Ms Omayio’s travel to US before the couple tied the knot. Documents in our possession show that they got married on May 15, 2015 in the county of Olmsted County in Minnesota, USA and were issued with marriage certificate number 150522E5BAG.

It has also emerged that Mr Nyagechi and Ms Omayio even co-owned a property which is located in the county of Anoka in Minnesota, USA. The couple who were US citizens while filing for the ownership of the homestead on June 11, 2019, they did not issue any foreign contacts.

The Department of Revenue which taxes the properties is from Minnesota and bought it at Sh 35, 996, 669.

Nairobi News on Tuesday contacted Ms Omayio but she was not available on phone. The death of Mr Nyagechi left residents of his Nyamakoroto village home with many unanswered questions.

Police in Nyamira are now trying to piece together the last moments of the couple who were killed inside their mansion which is now a crime scene.

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Already, two people including a house girl and a farm hand, have been grilled over the brutal death of the couple and recorded statements with the police. The duo said on the night Mr Nyagechi and Ms Mong’ina died, there was a stranger who had visited them.

The couple had dinner alongside the visitor as they held discussions and the house girl excused herself and went to sleep, leaving behind the couple and their guest.

For the farm hand, he said he rarely enters the house and when he was served supper, he ate, closed the gate and retired to bed after a busy day on the farm.

Masaba North Sub-County Police boss Robert Ndambiri in an earlier interview said investigations into the matter had started. According to Mr Ndambiri, the deceased persons seemed to have been hit with a blunt object on their heads. The bodies also had stab wounds on other parts of the body.

“We are trying to establish how the attackers got into their house because there was no breakage. We have arrested two people as we commence our investigations. They are a housemaid who used to live with the deceased in their single-storey house and a farm hand,” Mr Ndambiri said.

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