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Revealed: Details of woman who was ‘abducted’ by gunmen in Utawala fatal shooting – VIDEO

By Nyaboga Kiage September 28th, 2022 3 min read

More details of the woman who was allegedly ‘abducted’ on Friday by gunmen who stormed her house in Mwiki, Kasarani Nairobi County before they proceeded to Mihang’o in Utawala where they sprayed a man with 36 bullets can now be revealed.

Ms Evelyn Nduku alias Bree, lived on the fifth floor China Ndogo Plaza apartment where she was picked by masked gunmen in bulletproof vests.

When Nairobi News visited the building, the tenants were reluctant to speak to this reporter. However, those who spoke did so on condition of anonymity.

On the day Ms Nduku was picked from her house, the gunmen ransacked it as they demanded that they be given a firearm which they believed was in her possession.

“Here they never spoke to anyone. In fact the manner in which they arrived in the two vehicles – a land cruiser and a double cabin car – left some of us running for dear life. They had also covered their faces with masks and others even wore dark sunglasses,” said a woman who witnessed the incident.

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Ms Nduku said that some two men remained outside the building keeping an eye on the two vehicles as the rest entered the building.

Moments later, they came back with the woman who neighbours said was four months pregnant.

“They had covered her face and only those who personally know her could tell that it was the lady. She was immediately bundled into the land cruiser and the two vehicles sped off,” said the woman.

From Mwiki, Kasarani the vehicles left for Mihang’o which is 14 kilometers away, where they fatally shot Mr Kevin Otieno by spraying his body with 36 bullets.

As the vehicles were proceeding to where Mr Otieno, 24 was, masons who were working on a construction site at the scene saw him talking on phone for over 30 minutes. Mr Otieno, Nairobi News has established, was telling the person on the other end of the line to go to his house.

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Back at Ms Nduku’s place, her close friend Ms Lana Kanana and who lived with her arrived at her place and informed a few neighbours that they had agreed to sell household items and move out of the building.

On Monday, Nairobi News contacted Ms Kanana who said that she did not know Ms Nduku’s whereabouts.

“I don’t know where she is currently as we speak. I am in Machakos and not in Nairobi,” she said.

On Wednesday, Nairobi News yet again contacted Ms Kanana who now changed the narrative saying we had called the wrong number.

“Hii ni wrong number,” she sent a message.

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However, it has been established on Friday evening, hours after Mr Otieno had been shot in cold blood, Ms Nduku updated a status on her WhatsApp mourning his death.

Nairobi News has also established that Ms Nduku is fine and the one initiating the sale of the household items from her house but she is scared and not willing to talk on what transpired.

A close friend said that two weeks before Mr Otieno was murdered, they had issues in their relationship. Area residents said they know Mr Otieno as he frequently visited Ms Nduku.

“They could even take a walk every evening and buy supper together before going back to the house,” one resident said.

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