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Revealed: Disagreement that has made Vivian and Sam West call off wedding

By Thomas Matiko October 11th, 2019 1 min read

There will be no white wedding for songbird Vivian and her fiancé comedian Sam West, well at least not this year as they had intended.

Sometime last year, the two lovebirds held a Kikuyu traditional pre-wedding ritual (ruracio) where the comedian paid the pride price of about 70 goats.

They would later reveal to Nairobi News their plans to have a white wedding before the year ends.

However, the script has now changed with the Bonnie and Clyde calling off the white wedding this year after failing to agree on the ceremony plans.

“I doubt if we will be able to wed this year as intended because we been disagreeing a lot on how the ceremony should be. Whereas I want a big colourful wedding ceremony to celebrate our love, my fiancé keeps insisting of a private wedding. I think for now we will pass and wait for next year,” Sam West told Nairobi News.

The couple who recently returned to the country after spending over two months in the US, have been dating for a while now.