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Revealed: Flashy lifestyle of man linked to attempted grabbing of foreigner’s Karen property

By Nyaboga Kiage January 27th, 2023 3 min read

Mr Peter Kamau Munene, the suspect who was arrested in connection to a land grabbing case in which a senior police officer was impersonated is a man who leads a flashy lifestyle, Nairobi News can now reveal.

Mr Munene is known for driving a Range Rover whose registration number he often replaces with one with his nickname Munene Sonko.

Two weeks ago he was in the company of Mr Jackson Mwangi Wambui, when they arrived at home of Mr Richard Hooper and claimed to be the owners of his piece of land located along Ndorobo lane off Mutamaiyo Road in Karen.

One in as much as Mr Munene claimed ownership of the prime land he had no details of how it looked like and what was built inside. He also introduced himself as a senior officer attached to Karen Police Station but never showed any document to prove the same.

The two suspects claimed that they were on official duty, which was to arrest Mr Hooper and take him to Karen Police Station but they never gave a reason why they were “arresting” him.

All these unanswered questions alerted the guard manning his gate not to give them access and instead asked them to be patient and wait for him outside.

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“They said they were here to ensure that Mr Hooper sheds more light on the ownership of the piece of land but they kept asking me questions with the aim of wanting to know what the place looked like. This made me doubt them,” the guard told Nairobi News.

The guard said when he appeared to be hesitant to divulge any information, the two men offered to give him some money, an offer he turned down.

Instead, he showed them where to park and went on with his business until the duo left.

“When I informed my boss about the incident, he said he was not aware of such a matter,” said the guard.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the same men arrived at the same gate still driving in a Range Rover Sport (registration number KCY 907N) and parked it outside Mr Hooper’s gate.

This time, Mr Mwangi introduced himself as the Deputy Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Karen Police Station while Mr Munene claimed ownership of Mr Hooper’s land.

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Mr Mwangi told the guard that he wanted to see Mr Hooper immediately so that they could resolve the ownership of land on which the foreigner has lived for more than 25 years.

The two were then shown where to park their car, but they alighted and attempted to forcefully walk into the compound. They stopped by the guard who had already informed Mr Hooper of what was taking place.

Mr Hooper then informed his neighbours who alerted the area security team which arrived at the scene and blocked the Range Rover from leaving.

The first person from the compound to interact with them was Ms Clare Hooper who quickly captured a video of the duo as they threatened her.

In the video, Mr Munene is captured having a word with Ms Hooper but when he is asked his name he ignores the question and moves aside.

“Can you come to the police station?” Mr Munene is heard asking Ms Hooper who responds by saying that she had already informed the OCS who was on her way to her home.

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Moments later, Mr Mwangi, who introduces himself as the Deputy OCS, informs Ms Hooper, who is capturing them on video, to go on.

“You are taking photos? Go ahead, take well and take more,” he is heard saying before he looks away.

When police officers arrived at the scene they arrested the duo and took them to Karen Police Station. The following morning Mr Mwangi was arraigned at Ngong Law Courts and charged with impersonation.

Mr Munene is yet to be arraigned in any court but he is reporting to the station’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) offices.

Contacted, Mr Munene said the matters which has been raised by the police and a section of social media are false.

“This is a wrong number,” he first said, before adding, “All I can say is that the issues being raised are false and we shall talk some other time because as we talk I am very busy.”

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