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REVEALED: Identity of actor who perished in crash survived by Vioja Mahakamani’s Aliwah

The Theatric Art Ensemble is mourning the passing of one of their team following a grisly road accident that occurred on Friday, August 26, 2022, at 4 am on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Nairobi News understands Dennis Mwandoe lost his life at the scene of the accident after a trailer rammed the public service vehicle they were traveling in.

“A sad moment in our journey…Theatrix was involved in a road accident at Karai near Naivasha. A trailer hit the matatu they had boarded from behind, making it roll three times. We lost a member unfortunately,” wrote David Aliwah, a Vioja Mahakamani actor and founder of Theatrix Arts.

Several other team members of the Ensemble escaped with minor injuries to the head and limbs except for a Faith Nduku who is currently admitted with serious injuries on the 6th floor, Ward A, of the Kenyatta National Hospital.

“She has a fracture on the upper limb and her pelvic area had an opening near the urethra. We thank you for the calls and wishes. We are in need of support more than ever,” wrote Aliwah.

In a video captured a day before the accident, the late Mwandoe could be seen dancing the day away with the rest of his team, happy as a lark.

Nairobi News previously reported that Aliwah escaped death in this fatal accident just as they were planning to travel to the burial of the late legendary gospel artiste Anthony Nganga alias Ngashville.

“… we are unable to appear in Ngashville burial today. Yesterday our company of theatre team was involved in an accident on their way to Nakuru. One person died on the spot, the rest have minor injuries. Right now we are working on attending to the survivors who have been brought back to Nairobi,” reads a statement in Nairobi News’ possession.

The 14-seater Nyakati Sacco public service vehicle that Aliwah and his colleagues were travelling in was extensively damaged.

The trailer that hit the vehicle the artists were traveling in was extensively damaged.

The statement and photos of the matatu were posted in a WhatsApp group dubbed ‘Wasanii 4 Ngashville’ (artistes for Ngashville).