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REVEALED: Murdered LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba shared public love messages with alleged lover

Romantic messages between deceased gay activist Mr Edwin Chiloba, and his alleged lover Mr. Jacktone Odhiambo have emerged.

Mr Chiloba’s body was found stuffed inside a metallic box in a death that has attracted public outcry.

Police are holding Mr Odhiambo and have marked him as a person of interest in the case.

But the two have never shied away from showcasing love for each other in public.

Mr Chiloba and Mr Odhiambo referred to each other as ‘my love’ and never shied from saying how much and deep they loved each other.

“You are amazing love, I see you doing you always and keep doing it. All the best and happy new year 2023. Love you,” the deceased sent a tweet to Mr Odhiambo at the turn of the year.

In his response, Mr Odhiambo talked of his admiration of Mr Chiloba’s confidence.

“Yes, authenticity has been the number plate my person. Thank you again for ganging up my personality and confidence through our moments love you more,” wrote Mr. Odhiambo.

On Saturday, January 7, 2023, Nairobi News reported that Mr Chiloba a LGBTQ activist and model with Mr Odhiambo were parents to a dog which even had an account on Instagram.

Mr Chiloba was last seen alive dancing with his friends, including his male lover, at a popular club in Eldoret on New Year’s eve.

The dog’s Instagram account profile, which tags Mr Chiloba and the said male lover, reads: “I am a Japanese-spitz & human friendly.”

In several photos posted on the account, Mr Chiloba is seen carrying the snow-white dog. Other pictures on the account have captions indicating that Chiloba is the dog’s father.

One post that captures the Chiloba and his pet that goes by the name Littymous is captioned: “Having a good time with my daddy 😍 @its_edwinchiloba,” while yet another post with pictures of the dog has the caption: “Hello friday😍 we are outside with my dad @its_edwinchiloba”

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