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Revealed: Ruto declined President Kenyatta’s soda offer from kiosk

The shopkeeper who sold President Uhuru Kenyatta a bottle of soda in Machakos has revealed that the Deputy President William Ruto ordered for milk when the president offered to buy him soda.

Speaking during an interview on Thursday, Victoria Muli, 48, said since the president visited her shop a lot of customers have been coming “to see where the president took soda.”

She said Coca-Cola company staff have since been instructed to repaint the structure.

The widow also revealed that the business was funded by her father, James Muli, to enable her find a livelihood for her children when her husband died last year in a road accident.

Victoria Muli the shopkeeper from Machakos who rose to national fame for selling a bottle of soda to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“The President walked towards my kiosk and greeted me said, ‘Habari yako mama? Unauza nini kwa hii kiosk yako?’ Then he told me to give him a bottle of soda and handed me Sh1,000. He told Ruto to get a bottle of soda too but the deputy president asked for milk instead,” narrated Ms Muli.


In Muli’s account, the president later ordered for a chapati.

The shopkeeper said that she was awed by the President’s surprise visit to her kiosk.

Ms Muli has since seen an influx of customers as well as visits from locals after her moment of fame.

Coca-Cola company staff who were repainting the kiosk also said that the President’s move caught them by surprise hence the instructions from their bosses to give it a facelift.

The President was in Machakos County for the launch of the connectivity project at Katulu Primary School in Tala.