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Revealed: Samidoh’s failed efforts to meet Karen Nyamu after video leak

Mugithi crooner Samuel Muchoki, better known as Samidoh, was reportedly not aware that his baby mama Karen Nyamu was recording a video of him and their son, Nairobi News has learnt.

In the video that Nyamu posted on her social media page on Saturday, the singer is seen having a father-son moment as he smiles broadly.

“Samidoh only saw the video on social media and was very shocked. He felt cheated as they had agreed to keep things between them off social media,” a source told Nairobi News.

Our source also revealed that an angry Samidoh made frantic attempts to have Nyamu pull down the video, but she was reportedly unwilling.

“He called Nyamu and requested to meet and talk to which she agreed to and Samidoh proceeded to her place,” our informer, who sought anonymity, told us.

When Samidoh arrived at his baby mama’s house he only found the children and the house help.

“She told him to wait as she was out shopping and will be back shortly,” added our source.

However, minutes turned into hours as the singer waited until she allegedly stopped picking his calls.

“All this time she was communicating to the house help who was updating her on the whereabouts of the singer,” added our source.

We are told that at around 4.00am on Sunday a frustrated and angry Samidoh left the house for his home as his baby mama was a no-show.

“She stayed at the parking lot until 4.00 am and only went to the house when she was sure he had left.”

We have been told that Nyamu has kept away from Samidoh since she leaked the video confirming to the public that he was the father of their son after months of denials by both parties, forcing him to turn to social media to try to extinguish the fire lit by the affair revelations.

Our source said Samidoh had already informed his wife and family about Nyamu and their recently born son but had asked that their clandestine sex affair and baby issue be kept off social media.

Samidoh met his wife Edith Nderitu while in high school and she transferred to the school he was in which strengthened the chemistry between them leading to their marriage after school.

In his social media post Tuesday, Samidoh apologised to his wife, family and fans for his indiscretions terming his relationship with Nyamu a mistake he regretted but vowed to support his son.