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REVEALED: Why hotel sex is steamier than sex at home

A new global study confirms what a lot of people have thought but very few have said aloud; that hotel sex really is better than sex at home. The study also gives the scientific explanation behind it.

The study by UK a mobile App that allows users to book last minute hotel rooms, spanned 11 countries and looked into the lives of 2200 people who had all had intimate hotel sex in the past three years.

One in three of the study subjects think that hotel sex is better. Over half said that they feel more adventurous and have sex more frequently when in a hotel.

Those surveyed reported that hotel sex lasts anywhere from 29 minutes to 49 minutes longer than sex at home.

All study participants also reported that their partner’s love making performance improves significantly when they make love in a hotel.


It looks like a weekend at the hotel may be what every couple needs to spice things up at home. As controversial as they may be, these findings can be backed up by science.

Hotel sex can be a steamier more fulfilling experience because the novelty of the experience causes a change in the body leading it to produce libido boosting hormones.

The researchers found that the unfamiliar environment causes the release of neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine is in charge of the reward and pleasure center of your brain so it controls arousal and sexual excitement.

It could also be the fact that hotels are designed with the sexual senses in mind. The pillows will be large and plush, the air warm, the lighting dimmed. A hotel room is clean, quiet and private.

Then there is the fact that most hotel rooms have mirrors everywhere. These visuals can be very stimulating.

You are also more likely to let your natural sounds to emanate freely in a hotel room as opposed to at home which can be a huge turn on for your significant other.

Also in a hotel room, a couple is less likely to be burdened by family distractions like children sleeping in the other room.

For the duration that you are in the hotel, you have sort of checked out of life. It is a break from the routine which is good for your sex life. The good quality of hotel beds also play a role.