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REVEALED: Why men evade intelligent women

Science has uncovered the reason there are many successful, intelligent and single women.

When faced with the option of having romantic relations with either women who are mentally superior to them or woman who aren’t, men will opt for the latter option. This is according to findings of a new scientific study.

Apparently, woman who are less smart make a man feel more masculine.

Interestingly, men actually fancy intelligent women in their heads. When an intelligent woman is however put in front of them, the attraction withers and the man starts to feel threatened.



He is attracted to the idea of an intelligent woman but the reality puts him off.

To come to these findings, researchers from the University of Buffalo and the University of Texas in the US looked into 105 male study subjects.

The men were taken through a series of experiments. The studies ranged from presenting men with hypothetical situations to women they expected to meet and actual physical interactions.

All the study findings consistently showed that men showed more interest and formed greater impressions of women who outsmarted them.

When they were asked whether they could date such women in real life, they got cold feet.

In real life, they rated an intelligent woman as less attractive, were unwilling to exchange information or even plan a date with her.

Explaining these findings, which have been published in the November edition of Personality and Social Psychology bulletin, Lora Park an associate professor in the University of Buffalo says that it all goes back to the fragile male ego.



“We found that men prefer women who are more intelligent than them in psychologically distant situations. But presumably, anyone who is outperformed by someone who is close to them might feel threatened themselves,” explains Park.

In theory, a man may be attracted to an intelligent woman because he may see her as a prize. When it comes to a real relationship, he will opt for a woman who is likely to stroke his ego rather than one who will destroy it.

Apparently, masculinity is much more fragile than we imagine.

What the male folk may be missing is the fact that while a partner who strokes your ego every so often is exciting, such a match may lead to a boring relationship in the long term.

A relationship with a woman who can’t challenge your ideas is anything but interesting.