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REVEALED: Why more women Kenyan are opting for C-Section

By NICHOLAS KOMU February 1st, 2016 1 min read

Many Kenyan women are opting to deliver through caesarean section due to better medical cover.

National Hospital Insurance Fund Executive Officer Simon ole Kirgotty said: “More women are opting for the method because we offer a larger sum in benefits.”

During the 2014/2015 financial year, a total of 21,721 cases were covered by NHIF for caesarean delivery.

This, according to Mr Kirgotty, accounts for 42 per cent of all cases of childbirth that were covered by the insurance scheme.

He spoke in Nyeri during a three-day consultative forum with health care providers, employers and county government officials.

Currently, the fund offers a benefit of Sh18,000 for a caesarean section, which is three times the cos of normal delivery.

The benefit for normal childbirth is Sh6,000.

There have been claims that some hospitals advise their patients to opt for the surgery so that they can receive higher capitation.

However, Mr Kirgotty said the fund will continue to offer the benefits to mothers who opt for caesareans as it is a personal choice.