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Reveller accuses club 1824 management of assault, illegal detention

By Nyaboga Kiage September 11th, 2022 3 min read

Police in Lang’ata, Nairobi County have launched investigations into claims a man was on the night of Saturday, September 11, 2022 assaulted at a popular club located in Lang’ata, Nairobi County.

Mr Tom Aosa who is the President of National Community Based Organization Council, is repoerted to have been roughed up within the club premises after differing with a waiter.

Aosa also claims he was briefly detained at a illegal cell within the premises.

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In an interview with Nairobi News,  Mr Aosa says he was in the company of a friend who wanted to leave at 1am.

“I decided to pay the bill, see her off and return to take more drinks,” he says.

He then reached out to the waiter, whom she says had the tag ‘Trizah’ and asked for the bill. The waiter, Aosa says, quoted a higher amount and refused to provide a receipt.

Mr Aosa says the waiter stood her ground and threatened to call security if he failed to clear the bill.

Amazed with the turn of events, Mr Aosa who says he frequents the joint decided to call one of the bouncers, explained himself and said that he will only pay if the waiter came with a printed receipt.

“I decided to offset the bill with one bouncer and told him he should not hand it over to the waiter until she came with a receipt.”

However, no sooner had the bouncer taken the money from him than the waiter threw her hand and forcefully took the cash from him.

Mr Aosa said he was not happy with the behavior and demanded the cash from the lady, the lady handed over the money to him and made some threats.

Moments later, he saw the bouncers having a discussion as they pointed towards him and he knew something was not right.

“I decided to go and listen to what they were saying as I explained myself to one of them who had a tag written supervisor and the first name was George,” Mr Aosa told this reporter.

However, they dismissed him and did not give him an ear, he resumed his table believing the supervisor would like to listen to him at some point.

Moments later, the group of bouncers in the company of the supervisor went to where he was seated and demanded he stands up and follows them.

He obliged and was led to what he describes as a room next to the toilets.

He describes the room as a dark with one door which had a man in handcuffs.

“I then decided to take images of the man as he raised his hands showing that he had been detained inside the illegal cell unwillingly,” he said.

According to him, he struggled with the bouncers as the supervisor allegedly went on assaulting him until he gave up and entered the dark room.

Once inside they realised that he had taken the photos of the man and they decided to let him free as they told him that it is not a must he clears his bill.

“Unfortunately, I did not manage to get his details but I am sure that once this matter is made public we shall get to know him,” said Mr Aosa.

Moments later after a heated argument, the supervisor then asked Mr Aosa to leave after word went round that he was a senior member of society and a frequent customer.

Mr Aosa said he refused to leave and asked them to call the police to pick him up from the dark room that he was in.

They failed to do so and asked him to leave and it is then that he left the joint and headed to Lang’ata Police Station where they reported the matter under OB/02/10/09/2022.

Mr Aosa is supposed to record a more detailed statement later today on Sunday, September 11, 2022, and also pick a P3 form which he will use to pursue the matter.

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