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Reverend Natasha pens a moving message to Raila Odinga

City pastor Lucy Natasha has shared an encouraging word with her close pals Raila Odinga and Mama Ida.

They have been family friends with Ida Odinga celebrating the union between Natasha and her husbae, Prophet Stanley Carmel.

Thanking Ida for her hospitality while hosting her for brunch with her new husbae, Reverend Natasha said, “Grateful for the words of wisdom and guidance you shared with us and indeed you remain a towering figure of impact and influence.”

Natasha intimated that they had a great conversation on many matters adding, “You have set a standard for many and we celebrate your great legacy that is etched in our hearts and in the books of history.”

That intimate meeting was back in January.

Now, Natasha has shown her support for the family. Hours after Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate rejected the results of the 2022 polls, the prophet penned a moving message to him.

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She wrote on her social media, “We celebrate the gallant efforts of Hon PM Raila Odinga and Mama Ida Odinga in advancing democracy and lighting the torch of social and political freedom.

Your service to the country that spans decades is much appreciated. You remain a true statesman, a quintessential man and a real patriot.”

She continued, “We uphold you, your family and all your supporters in prayers. Kenya is a stronger country because of your nationalism.”

Echoing Raila’s call for peace and calm, Natasha said, “We speak peace, unity and harmony amongst all the people notwithstanding the different political affiliations. God Bless Kenya.”

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The woman of God also took the time to acknowledge President-elect William Ruto.

“Congratulations to HE William Samoei Ruto on your election as the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.”

She continued, “Our prayers, best wishes and goodwill are with you as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of this high office as Head of State and Government.”

Natasha prayed for the fifth Kenyan President saying, “The Lord’s blessings upon you as you lead the country to greater heights of economic success, social cohesion and national progress.”

Ruto will be sworn in as the fifth president of the republic of Kenya on August 30.

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