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Reverend Tony Kiamah bans offerings from adulterous men

The River of God lead pastor Reverend Tony Kiamah has caused an online stir after telling adulterous husbands as well as those that batter their women to not give offerings or tithes in the church.

Speaking while delivering a sermon, Rev Kiamah said, “You come to church when you’ve beaten up your wife, you are sleeping around with other women and here your wife is crying then you bring a big offering. Leave with it!”

The video of the sermon uploaded on the church’s TikTok page has attracted varieed reactions with many of the responses hailing praise to the pastor.

“At this point, this should be the standard way of preaching in all churches,” said Maureen Nish.

“Preach preach Passy! These are the topics that should be discussed in church! Next preach of mothers-in-law who break their son’s marriages,” wrote Judy Oningu.

“Truth is bitter. An open rebuke is better than a hidden kiss,” said Joseph Kamau.

“This is a pastor speaking the truth most pastors filter out here,” wrote Caroline Gold.

“The kind of preachers we need are not these people who are after hope and prosperity instead of telling them the truth,” said MC Jose.

In June, Rev Kiamah cracked the flock when he said that churches that do deliverance every Sunday are concerts.

He explained that these churches do not preach about the Holy Spirit or spiritual maturity and noted that these theatrics never cease to end.