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Rewarding loyalists all the way – DP Gachagua reiterates

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has reiterated his stand on President William Ruto’s administration, rewarding loyal political leaders who stood with them during the campaign season.

During the joint media briefing, DP Gachagua said that state jobs would only go to President Ruto’s loyalists, adding that the latter’s administration would not discriminate against any region regarding development.

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His stand comes days before the Head of State unveils his Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) later this week.

“When it comes to forming a government, there is no President anywhere in the world who would invite people to his government who did not believe in him, who do not believe in his agenda, who cannot support him because they don’t understand his agenda. It is by the number of shares that you have, you are commensurate commitment to the success of that government.”

He added that: “Choices have consequences. It’s a political right to choose whoever you want, but choices have consequences. There is no way you can say you don’t believe in me or President Ruto, you don’t believe in his programmes, you don’t believe in his agenda and you want to be in his Cabinet. That cannot happen.”

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Over the six months in power, President Ruto has rewarded those who believed in his course up until the August 9, 2022 elections with state jobs.

Dennis Itumbi,  Moses Wetangula, Musalia Mudavadi, Hussein Mohammed, Francis Gachuri, Prof Kithure Kindiki, Karen Nyamu, Aisha Jumwa among others have reaped big due to their political stand.

Late last month, the second-in-command was on the spot for likening the government to a company in his narration of rewarding loyalists.

“The government is a company. Here there are those who get good shares, some small and others none. It’s applicable now because those who believe in us are now reaping hefty. They are enjoying the fruits of their seeds,” he said.

This agitated some political leaders who call him out for playing favourites instead of judging by merit.

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