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Watch: Rich Kenyan kids light up Tiktok while debating lunch and drinks bill

By Winnie Mabel September 1st, 2022 2 min read

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics tallied the inflation rate in Kenya and found that at 7.9 per cent in June 2022, Kenyans are experiencing the highest inflation rates in five years.

According to a prior report on Business Daily in August 2022, the purchasing power of Sh 1,000 had fallen by 45 per cent in the last 10 years, meaning that the value of a Sh 1,000 note in July 2013 is worth Sh 548.60 today.

This can be evidenced by the purchase price of goods such as maize meal flour that now retails at an average price of Sh 240 up from Sh 90-100. A relief from the high cost of living is what Kenyans demanded from politicians during the campaign period leading up to the election but this is yet to be seen.

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As Kenyans continue lamenting about their squeezed budgets and low purchasing power, a clique of Kenyan youth took to social media to debate on how much they’d spent on a lunch and drinks hangout at what seems to be an upmarket restaurant.

In the video shared by a young lady going by the TikTok handle Shiruu, the group of about 10 quoted bill prices ranging between Sh 14,000 – Sh30,000. The actual bill came to Sh 27,250 and it was mainly spent on alcoholic drinks and the average price of one drink was about Sh900.

Reacting to this video, Kenyans could not believe that the group could spend an amount some people earned as an average monthly salary on food and drinks. Some wondered if the youth were spending Ugandan or Zimbabwean cash, but it was confirmed that it was indeed Kenyan currency.

A screenshot of the bill. PHOTO | COURTESY

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Check out some of the reactions below:

“These are kids who go to school while the rest of us go to polling stations,” said Eye Piece, alluding to the fact that Kenyan polling stations are set up in public schools and never in private schools.

“For some of us, before we eat, we ask what the total bill will amount to. I knew I’m not meant for this world,” wrote Iburahimuu.

“Let me work hard so that my children will be wasting money like this,” wrote Rick Baby.

“I know a cheaper place guys!” wrote Annette.

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“Some of us it’s like we are just escorting others in this life,” wrote Mimo Karanja.

“Whose children are these?” asked Keira Caro.

“… and they are casually smiling like its normal,” added Solomon Kibe Murigz.

“You mean you have dined on a bill of 27k? At these hard times… for sure fingers do not have the same length. Chaaaai,” said Melisa Adhiambo.

“If my kids don’t flext this hard, I’ll have failed as a parent,” added Mwangi.

“This is them calling us poor in over 30 different languages,” wrote Jonez Karanja.

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Watch the entire video below.


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