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Rich Nairobians eating approximately a full goat every year – study

Rich Nairobians are eating more red meat than their counterparts in other counties, a new study shows.

The study indicates that high income earners in Nairobi consume approximately 18.2 kg of red meat per person per year (beef, goat meat and mutton).

The carcass of a grown up goat, minus the offals, weighs as much.

Middle income earners consume approximately at 16.43kg of red meat per person per year.

Low income earners eat 10.61kg per person per year.

The study on Meat End-Market Trends in Kenya was commissioned by the Kenya Markets Trust.

It found that other sources of meat like chicken and fish are mainly used as a substitute for red meat.

Matumbo was also found to be a favourite for most city dwellers where demand is higher than supply.

The study aimed at establishing current meat consumption patterns and preferences in Kenya.