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Forget the traffic jam; here’s the ‘real’ Nairobi Kenyans want Richard Quest to experience

Just three days into stay in Nairobi, celebrated CNN news anchor Richard Quest has already had his good and bad experience of the city.

Quest was quick to share on his blog how he was impressed with the flowerbeds and neatly trimmed trees lining the city streets.

But that was before he ran into Nairobi’s infamous traffic jam.

In his latest post on Twitter, Quest has lamented on the culture shock he experienced on Kenyan roads.

“The roundabouts have new traffic lights; which are usually switched off. Instead a policeman directs the traffic flow. The jams are extraordinary,” tweeted Richard Quest.


This tweet opened a floodgate of comments from Kenyans on Twitter on other horrible encounters that the CNN anchor is yet to experience in Nairobi.

“Welcome to the real Nairobi! One will fly from to Dubai and you still on traffic wondering,” @frikerry commented.

“You must have seen amazing, uniquely African, beautiful streams of raw sewage along the roads courtesy of legendary landscaping by the government,” wrote one @kimathi1945.

“Kuwa rada msee kama unaenda Githurai utasanyiwa hadi glasses kwa macho,” @Ianmalovings commented.

Then there are those who pleaded for caution lest the city’s dirty linen is aired before the visiting celebrity broadcaster.

“Wakenya kwa comments msichome picha zaidi,” @LindahMbaisi tweeted while @peterngomo wrote, “Chezeni chini hapo kwa comments… leo tuko na wageni.”