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Riddle of City Hall’s conflicting revenue figures explained

Nairobi City County’s acting Head of Revenue Agnes Kisaka has refuted claims of conflicting revenue figures at City Hall.

This follows two contradicting figures of Sh10.1 billion and Sh9.8 billion given by the county treasury and JamboPay respectively on Thursday.

Ms Kisaka has since stated that the Sh10.1 billion figure given by City Hall included other revenues collected outside the JamboPay system through a Safaricom paybill number.


She explained that according to the county’s Local Authorities Integrated Financial Operations Management System (Laifoms), the internal revenue amounted to the amount stated by City Hall.

“It was spelt out clearly that the Sh10.1 billion consolidates all payments, including the Sh9.8 billion from Jambopay. It’s unfortunate that media can cause a lot of anxiety. The figure remains Sh10.1 billion which comes from our single reporting system, Laifoms,” said Ms Kisaka.

She further explained that Sh9.86 billion in revenue was collected from the 85 automated revenue streams by JamboPay while the difference of Sh240 million was realised from other 51 revenue streams which are not yet automated.

Her explanation has also been supported by the county’s ICT Director Benta Ogot who said that City Hall collected some money outside the JamboPay system after introduction of an Mpesa paybill number whose figures are put manually into the Laifoms and not through the electronic system, explaining the higher figure from the county.

Ms Ogot further explained that the county derives its figures from the Laifoms which has JamboPay’s collections and others collected through the other means.


“The county has collected some money outside the JamboPay system. They introduced Mpesa pay-bill numbers and have been inputting the figures manually into the Laifoms and this could be the reason why the county figure is higher.

“There are a number of collections that never used to go through JamboPay before and even after Governor Mike Sonko banned cash handling in the county,” said the ICT director.