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Rider who falsely accused police of stealing pizza and beer fined Sh15,000

A Glovo delivery motorcycle rider who falsely accused two police officers of stealing his pizza, beer and Sh8,700 has been fined Sh10,000 for giving false information to police and Sh5,000 for possession of chang’aa.

In default, Wycliffe Wafula Juma will serve three months jail term for both offences.

The penalties were handed to the accused by Chief Magistrate Joyce Gandani of Kibera Law Courts after he admitted the charges he had previously denied on July 24, 2020.

Juma will serve two months for lying to a police officer that his two colleagues had stolen from him and one month for possession of alcoholic drink that does not conform to the prescribed standards of distillation and packing regulations.

Juma had lied to Corporal Reuben Kosgey of Langata Police Station that police constables Shadrack Oginda and Nelson Muguna stole his cash, two pizzas, three bottles of Gilbeys Gin, motorcycle insurance cover and driving license on July 6, 2020. He made the report on July 7, 2020.


He had launched a complaint with the National Police Service’s Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) which is still investigating his complaint.

Juma admitted he gave the information knowing the same to be false and with intent to cause Kosgey to investigate the matter, which ought not to have been investigated.

He also admitted having had 30 litres of chang’aa packed in six plastic sachets of five litres each. The chang’aa was presented in court as exhibit.


Juma was arrested near Karen Interchange moments after receiving the illicit liquor from a motorist who had been sent by his wife from Malaba.

The motorist made a stopover in Eldoret where he picked a passenger, headed to Nairobi and on arrival in Karen Interchange along Ngong road, Juma, who had been in constant communication with the motorist, arrived to pick the consignment.

But a Kenya National Highways Authority vehicle stopped near them and two police officers in the car intercepted Juma.

The motorist recorded the statement with police the next day and Juma was released on police bail. But he later went and made the false reports at the station.