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Rift Valley leaders promise to repay Mudavadi’s trust in Ruto

Rift Valley leaders have praised Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi and National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula for electing to work with President William Ruto in the run-up to the August 2022 polls.

Speaking at Kakamega County on April 1, 2023, the leaders, led by Uasin Gishu Governor Jonathan Bii aka Koti moja, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, and Farouk Kibet, a close aide of President Ruto, the leaders also assured Mudavadi and Wetangula that their efforts will be fully rewarded in due course.

“When you see me (Koti Moja) here where my brothers Musalia and Wetangula are, rest assured there is a message we the people of Rift Valley are sending. I am the Governor of the President so the people of Western should be ready and be informed something is cooking.” Said Uasin Gishu governor Jontahan Bii.

“I sat with my brother Malulu Injendi, he convened 20 churches on the side of Western Kenya (Malava) and I convened 20 churches from Rift Valley (Turbo and parts of Uasin Gishu). This should tell you something.” said Farouk Kibet, an aide to President Ruto.

The leaders expressed their willingness to support Mudavadi and Wetangula in their pursuit of succession politics in Kenya after President Ruto, in the spirit of togetherness.

They acknowledged the people of Western Kenya for providing them with the opportunity to work with these individuals and praised their unity.

The leaders assured the people of Western Kenya that their support was not in vain, and they would reciprocate the gesture when the time comes. Farouk stated his gratitude towards the people of Western Kenya for their contribution to the cause.

“I laud the unity portrayed by the people of Western Kenya and I want to assure them all was not in vain. We want to assure them we will also reciprocate at the opportune time. When your time comes we will pay you back.” said Kibet.

Mudavadi and Wetangula urged the people of Western Kenya to sustain peace and unity in their region as they promised to provide leadership that facilitate the region’s progress by tapping into its potential.

They assured the Mulembe nation and other communities in Western Kenya that their leadership would lead to greater success.

“After many years of looking towards the lake, my brother Musalia and I came to the realization that we had been leading our people in the wrong political direction. However, when we decided to change our approach and teamed up with our neighbor Ruto in the run-up to the 2022 general elections, we were able to achieve a significant shift in our fortunes. As a result, we are now at the heart of the decision-making process within the government,” stated Wetangula.

Mudavadi added, “Thanks to the support of the people of Mulembe and the Western Kenya region, my colleague Senator Wetangula and I now have the power to negotiate within the Kenya Kwanza government. We hold this responsibility in the highest regard and with the utmost respect for our people in Western Kenya.”

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