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Rigathi Gachagua vows to ‘recover’ frozen billions after winning polls

Rigathi Gachagua says his frozen back accounts will be recovered if Deputy President William Ruto is elected the country’s next president.

Gachagua, the current Mathira lawmaker, is Ruto’s running mate in the August 2022 polls.

The duo is contesting for the presidency on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

Speaking at a political rally in his home turf, Gachagua confirmed he plans to use the recovered funds to build a nice house in his village where residents will have access to free meals and drinks.

“You know this government froze my accounts,” he explained.

“When we take power, I will use that money and build a home here in Kieni. You will all visit me so we can grill meat and drink what we drink.”

“The women will also have a nice place (in the house) to visit my wife, drink porridge and dance.”

Gachagua’s accounts were in 2020 frozen by authorities on claims of suspicious activities including money laundering.

At the time, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) claimed billions of shillings of government money had passed through the accounts within a short span.

Senior resident magistrate Muthoni Nzibe allowed the application by ARA and ordered the freezing of all accounts for several days which meant Gachagua was not able to do any transactions.