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Rigathi Gachagua’s wife: Ironing my husband’s shirt keeps the fire burning in my marriage

By Wangu Kanuri September 13th, 2022 2 min read

Deputy President-Elect Rigathi Gachagua’s wife Dorcas Rigathi has shared that what keeps the fire burning in her union is always ironing her hubby’s shirt.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday morning, Mrs Rigathi said, “I iron his shirt, I have already done it. That’s special to us. I’ve done it for the longest. Also, I love cooking even for my family.”

Explaining what the morning routine of her husband’s swearing-in will be like, Pastor Dorcas said, “When he comes (from the gym) I’ll help him in dressing. We will have breakfast with the rest of the family.”

Adding that life is about family, Mrs Rigathi noted, “You have the nuclear family, extended, church and Kenya family. This is one thing that I enjoy, I’m a family woman.”

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Sharing that she is not in a hurry to move to the official residence of the Deputy President, Mrs Rigathi explained, “I have a good home but maybe in two weeks we will be there.”

Mr Rigathi was spending a few minutes in the gym pumping blood in his system where he also revealed that during the campaign trail he had gained weight and needed to shed it off.

On the other hand, Mrs Rigathi the incoming second lady was having make-up touch-ups done before joining his family members for a Thanksgiving service.

The couple is blessed with two children with the eldest son being 31 years old who works as a computer software engineer at a local bank while their last born is a medical doctor.

For 35 years, the power couple has stayed close, shadowing each other and raising a family together, an admirable trait that Kenyans gush over.

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