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‘Rigathress’ is DP Gachagua’s wife’s new nickname

The wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua finally has a nickname courtesy of Kenyans on Twitter.

Second Lady Dorcas Wanjiku last week requested for a nickname and Kenyans have now named her ‘Rigathress’, a combination of the name Rigathi and the prefix ‘ress.’ The word was first shared by some who goes by the @_wangwe on Twitter.

During an event at the University of Nairobi, Pastor Dorcas requested a nickname saying she desired a nickname similar to her husband’s, ‘Riggy G,’ which has become very popular in Kenya.

The nickname Rigathress has been trending on Twitter, with thousands of tweets with Kenyans using it to refer to her in their tweets. The moniker appears to have caught on quickly.

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The Second Lady is currently accompanying Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Affirmative Action and Gender, Aisha Jumwa, to the United Nations General Assembly.

Last year, the DP met Ivy Chelimo, the brains behind his popular moniker at his office in Nairobi. Mr Gachagua, while welcoming the name as one that will connect his office to the youth, said the nickname which is used by Kenya’s youth, opens up his office to the younger generation.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagu with his wife Pastor Dorcas Wanjiku in Nairobi on May 15, 2022. PHOTO | LUCY WANJIRU


“It was not a bad name… it sounds melodious. The youth have taken to the name and it is good they are connecting with the country’s leadership in their own way,” the DP said then.

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Popularity of the nickname ‘Riggy G’ has grown to the extent that it trends online whenever the DP finds himself in situations eliciting public debate, such as on the day of President William Ruto’s inauguration when he gave a fiery speech.

Ivy Chelimo said her intention when coming up with ‘Riggy G’ was for the youth to connect with the Deputy Presidential debate.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua chats with Ms Ivy Chelimo, the young woman who coined his now popular nickname Riggy G. PHOTO | DPPS

“I wanted the younger population to connect with what was going on during the debates. I wanted them to be engaged and participate in the discourse and to not be detached from the goings-on of the day. So I tweeted the name ‘Riggy G’ because it was catchy and it picked momentum,” she recalled.

She was later rewarded with a job in the DP’s office.

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