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‘Riggy G ametoa form’ – DP dishes out Sh800k to his former school

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagu on Saturday dished out Sh800,000 for a party for students, teachers and subordinate staff in his former high school.

Speaking at Kianyaga High School in Kirinyaga County Mr Gachagua jokingly said that it was important for people in the neigbourhood to know that he was around.

“Si ni lazima nitoe form? People must know that the Deputy President was around. I have given Sh200k for teachers to facilitate their bash,” Gachagua said.

The Deputy President also gave out Sh500,000 for the students and Sh100,000 for the non-teaching staff for their respective parties.

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“I have given around Sh800, 000 to felicitate that (the party). You must enjoy it,” he said.

He also noted that his team will do what it takes to improve the school’s performance.

“All the alumni will work together to provide what is required. Be it trips or finances. Don’t fail me please. This was my school and right now I am the Deputy President. Ensure that the school’s performance matches my standards,” he said.

He however jokingly warned Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah against intimidating the students because he is Alliance High School alumni.

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Wacha kutuuzia uoga na mambo ya Alliance… Hii Alliance anasema, mimi niliingia huko nikakoroga mtoto wa wenyewe nikaingiza box, sasa ni bibi yangu… (Don’t intimidate us with Alliance… I went to Alliance (Girls) and sweet-talked someone’s daughter and now she is my wife).”

In the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination, Kianyaga High School scored a mean score of 7.7 (B- minus).

This is not the first time Gachagua is dishing out money at a learning institution. In November 2022, Gachagua donated Sh400,000 to Komarock Primary School.

“Si nipange bash kidogo? After you are through with your exams, I will give the head teacher Sh300,000 so that you can come and have a bash. We will also not leave the teachers behind because they have also done a good job. I will give Sh 00,000 for the teachers so that pia hao washerehekee kidogo,” he said.

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