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‘Riggy G’ brand creator disowns relationship with online ‘imposter’

Ivy Chelimo, the young Kenyan behind the Riggy G brand that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has embraced, has come out to dismiss the rumours claiming that she separated from her lover by the name Alvan Kirui.

Through social media, Mr. Kirui claimed that since Mr. Chelimo gained popularity and attraction from the DP, she has since distanced herself from him.

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Mr. Kirui’s claims come days after Ms. Chelimo’s popularity started, and some have claimed that he is just seeking attention from the public.

“So you’re walking away from the deal? My first concern. Because, of course. Bowing out would leave me with no options. All or nothing—those were the terms. I’m forced to walk away from you,” Mr. Kirui said.

While responding to him, Ms. Chelimo said that she had never encountered such a person and asked Kenyans to disregard him.

“Please I do not know anyone by the name Alvan Kirui and I have certainly not been involved with the person claiming in any way whatsoever! Disregard any information circulating regarding the same,” she said.

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Riggy G creator, Ivy Chelimo

With Ms. Chelimo’s response, Mr. Kirui said he has no other option but to accept the truth and look for someone willing to understand him better.

“I’m done putting myself out there and holding my breath, waiting to be chosen, or not. If you can’t admit you might want me around because it might tarnish your image, then I’m out. I need someone who’s sure about me. Not someone who doubts my worth,” he tweeted.

Adding, “This will always be my favorite picture I took of you. I can’t believe your parents can advise you to leave me at my lowest. You know I love you, just remember all I’ve been doing for you, Ivy.”

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Alvan Kirui
Alvan Kirui

Since the Riggy G brand dominated the headlines and was used by the DP, Ms. Chelimo has risen to another level. She has been assured of working opportunities in the office of the Deputy President.

Early this week, Mr. Chelimo met with the DP, their first meeting since the DP asked his sons to look for her.

Ms. Chelimo lauded the DP for recognizing her talent, saying he is passionate about the youths in the country.

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