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Ringtone ‘butchers’ Queen’s Language after being arrested for ‘prostitution’

On Monday, Kenyan gospel singer, Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, claimed that he had been arrested outside the Cooperative University in Karen.

According to his post on his Instagram page, he was arrested apparently for ‘prostituting and causing confusion’.

Ringtone had a placard written, “Looking for a wife” and went ahead to list down the qualities he’s looking for in his ideal woman.

After his arrest, Ringtone updated his fans on social media of his predicament.


Although he was posting to notify people of his arrest, what caught the attention of the netizen was his broken English.

“Its like they arrested your English as well,” @kamwash254 tweeted.

“I believe its a case of mistaken identity, they should have arrested your English,” commented @that_guy_CHIEF .

“Please be detained and be thoroughly whipped for tearing apart the Queens language,” said @Erick_Merchant.


“Considered using sign language??Cause this… this is beyond broken English… hii yako ni ulemavu… you need extensive therapy… you are butchering the language,” @Barrack29515113 posted.

“Me and my family offer our sincere condolences to your English grammar. Rest in Peace Queen’s Language, we loved you but Ringtone Apoko loved you more #RingtoneArrested,” wrote @JoshuaJerry.

“Hapo kwa qualities za wife ongeza English teachers are encouraged to apply,” said @17_mulla.

“English is rounded off to the nearest mother tongue,” @beryle_otieno commented.