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Ringtone – I did not backslide, I was undercover!

Kenyan self-proclaimed richest musician in Ringtone Apoko has affirmed that he is still a gospel musician.

He said that singing secular music was just a mission assigned to him by his ‘commander’.

Speaking during the NTV Trend Show hosted by Amina on Friday 14, Apoko said that he is the only musician whose life confuses even the devil.

“I am the only musician who the devil sees as a threat. He does not understand my life,” said Pamela hitmaker.

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♬ Backslide – Ringtone & Martha Mwaipaja

He said that even the devil sees him as a spy when he sings secular music.

“I am in the Gospel industry forever. I am a soldier of Christ,” noted Apoko.

During the interview, he said that he will still remain a zealous follower of Christ.

Defending his sudden drift to secular music, Apoko said that his ‘commander’ assigned him to investigate how the devil operates in the lives of the young generation.

He said that he was a soldier doing his job.

“Mimi niko kazi (I am at work). It was an undercover mission. I was sent to investigate how the devil operates in this current generation,” said Apoko.

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He said that his mission is quite spiritual and that is why many people do not understand him.

“For you to understand what I am doing, you need the spirit,” said Apoko.

However, he said that he is still undercover until his ‘mission’ will be complete.

On Tuesday, July 6, 2022, Ringtone shared a video of himself announcing that he had decided to quit gospel music.

He said he will be joining the secular industry where he will be singing love songs. He thanked all the gospel musicians for their relentless support.

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