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Ringtone: I quit gospel music because of lustful women who wanted me

Controversial Kenyan musician Ringtone has finally admitted that he has indeed ditched gospel music. And the Pamela hit maker is blaming it all on lust women out there.

The singer claims the said women find his good looks irresistible and that they flock him all the time.

“Women in Kenya have a problem, instead of following Christ they are following me. I have left so that they can follow Christ,” Ringtone said.

But the singer, whose real name is Alex Apoko, was quick to state that he has not backslidden and that he will continue supporting the gospel in other ways.

“Sijabackslide, nimewacha kuimba nitaendelea kusupport wanaotoa huduma, nitatoa fungu la kumi,” he said.

Ringtone also said that he will now switch to love songs, but asked other musicians who sing the same genre not to feel threatened.

The singer further said he believes he will soon get a wife because of the switch, but maintained that the qualities of his ‘ideal’ woman remain unchanged.

“Lazima akuwe anaomba kwa masaa saba kwa siku. Ninataka watoto saba na mtu anayejituma,” explained the singer who is no stranger to controversies.

His latest antics include a roadside scuffle with Robert Alai and being kicked out of Size 8’s album launch by the latter’s hubby, who was offended by Ringtone’s sentiments directed at his wife.