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Ringtone kicked out of bash at business magnate’s Runda home

A graduation party held to celebrate a son to a famous business mogul on Wednesday night turned sour after Gospel musician Ringtone gatecrashed the event angering organisers.

Those present said he was not invited.

The party, held in the business mogul’s posh Runda home and attended by 40 family members and friends, was going on well until 1am when the controversial musician, known for his public stunts, drove in unannounced and insisted on joining the graduation party.


“He lied that he had been invited by the businessman’s wife, yet she is out of the country,” a source who sought anonymity said.

The musician was escorted outside the famous media owner’s compound amid resistance and insults.

Witnesses told Nairobi News that he sounded incoherent and looked tired. “He appeared to be bleeding from his nose,” another source claimed.

Another source claimed that the musician, “drove in after he saw many cars at the car yard and simply hijacked the event.”

The mogul’s son was celebrating after successful aviation training abroad. Surprisingly, neither him nor siblings had invited the musician.

The musician, who has reported the incident at Runda police station, says his phone, gold chains and watch were stolen.

“What did he use to take pictures of his bleeding nose?” our source wondered.