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Ringtone leads queue of men thirsty for single-again Zari Hassan

Gospel singer Ringtone has opened himself up to the prospect of marrying to Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, a day after she dumped Tanzanian musician and father of her two children Diamond Platnumz.

Zari announced the divorce in a long post on Instagram on Valentine’s Day.

The mother of five accused Diamond of ‘constant’ infidelity which led to her decision.

Two days, Ringtone declared his interest to take up Zari and her five children, saying that she needs a man to lead her to church and Christ.

He went further and asked to be inboxed Zari’s telephone number.

“Zari Hassan needs a man to lead her to church and to Christ. Diamond can’t offer such. Naomba namba yake Zari. Inbox me asap if you have it. MWANAMME NI YULE ANAJUA YESU NA MALI ANAYO NA WAKO WENGI HAPA KENYA. By the way wakisii hawananga shida bibi akija na watoto,” posted Ringtone alongside Zari’s picture.


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