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Ringtone to sue Willy Paul for twerking scene in his gospel hit song

Gospel singer Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, is still keen on his threat to sue fellow musician Willy Paul over a music video.

Ringtone accuses Willy Paul of disrespecting the name of God in his latest hit with Tanzanian musician Nandy.

On Friday, Ringtone shared a video of himself driving to his lawyer’s office to ‘finish the process of filing the law suit’.

The singer said he hopes to file the suit by close of business on Friday.

“This culture of playing (sic) with the name of the Lord has to end, indeed it has to end,” he said.

Ringtone had earlier in the week argued that it is shameful for Willy Paul to allow Nandy to twerk in a gospel hit and for him to touch her.

“So Willy Paul today I just want to address you over your song because I just feel Willy Paul that you have disrespected our God. Willy Paul Nandy is not your wife, you are touching her private parts while she is twerking on you and you are saying Hallelujah. Willy Paul, that woman called Nandy is touching your head seductively, touching your private parts, touching your behind, touching everywhere and you are saying Hallelujah,” he said.