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Ringtone wants Alai jailed for contempt

Musician Alex Apoko, commonly referred to as Ringtone, has sensationally accused blogger Robert Alai of threatening him and his witnesses in a bid to interfere with a court case involving the duo.

Ringtone has also urged the Kibera Law Courts to not only cancel bond terms given to the controversial blogger for contempt of court but also jail him for six months.

Through his lawyers, Ringtone claims Alai is using proxies and agents to publish malicious information about him and the court on social media.

Ringtomne’s lawyers led by Evans Ondieki, on Monday, August 23, 2021, filed an application for cancellation of bonds, alleging that Alai has been making scathing attacks against his client and has threatened him and his witnesses.

“The blogger also abused and insulted the complainant alleging that he is involved in an international or car theft syndicate and uses music as a cover-up. The respondent’s (Alai’s) conduct is an affront on the rule of the law and due process,” the application states in part.

“The respondent’s (Alai’s) conduct is a threat to our democracy because it is a show of disrespect to institutions and the rule of law. The rule of law is the beacon of our democracy and must be safeguarded at all times.”

Some of the posts on Twitter have been made by blogger Abraham Mutai who Ondieki claims is a surrogate of Alai and one of his agents.

In one of the tweets, Mutai links Ringtone to popular gold fraudsters including one facing murder charges.

The blogger also claims that police and Interpol are aware that Ringtone is driving stolen cars.

Alai has been charged with causing Ringtone grievous harm and released on a cash bail of Sh300, 000 or a Sh1 million bond and is out after compliance with the terms. The application to cancel the bonds will be heard after lawyers are notified by the court.