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RIP: Churchill’s bestie, DJ Sweet Njoro’s last message to pals before his death

The sudden demise of Joseph Njoroge Muriuki, famously known as DJ Sweet Njoro, has sent shockwaves through the Kenyan music fraternity.

Prior to his tragic passing, DJ Njoro shared a deeply unsettling message with friends and family, reflecting on the transient nature of life.

In his message, DJ Sweet Njoro pondered the impermanence of everything, stating, “Everything in life is temporary.”

He drew attention to the heartbreaking example of renowned singer Celine Dion, who now grapples with a debilitating condition despite her tremendous success and global recognition.

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No matter what you do, or how well you plan and organize your life, a time will come when life will chew you like a gum, toast you like a bread and bake you like a cake. So just take things easy and live a simple life of peace with your God and fellow men. #april #londongirl #pov #explorepage #explore #viral #londontiktoker #positvevibes #prettygirl #celinedion #tiktok

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Dion was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome in 2022, a condition that has left her unable to walk or move any part of her body.

DJ Sweet Njoro shared the TikTok videos of Dion at her son’s wedding with the message, “Everything in life is temporary. One of the most famous and successful singer with over 250 million album sales worldwide.”

Adding, “Celine Dion can no longer walk nor lift any part of her body. She was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome in 2022. She never wished for this at 55, but that’s what fate brought to her.”

This message was sent on the day DJ Sweet Njoro breathed his last on May 26, 2023. He collapsed in the house and was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital BuruBuru by his brother, John Muriuki.

Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

In his eulogy, his family wrote, “As painful as it may be, we have to say goodbye. Keeping in mind that you are gone, and you lived your life like it’s golden and to the fullest. Till we meet again, Njoro, shine on your way as you dance with the angels.”

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During his burial ceremony on Friday, 2 June, fellow DJs expressed their profound grief and paid tribute to their departed colleague.

In a collective tribute message, they addressed DJ Sweet Njoro with affectionate nicknames such as Gathee, Babaa, Braree, and others, reflecting their strong bond.

The tribute message conveyed the profound impact DJ Sweet Njoro had on their lives, saying:

“Your demise has deeply left a wound in all our hearts. You were more than just a friend and brother. The bond we all had with you was truly deep. This wound will take us a long time to recover from.”

The DJs also reminisced about his infectious laughter and cheerful presence, acknowledging the irreplaceable void he left behind.

His family described him as a fun-loving person who was always happy, and nothing could come between his love for music and his family.

“He was also supportive and a great mentor. He didn’t not believe any challenge is a challenge. He put himself in anything and never gave up. A true believer in friendship, truthfulness and kindness,” his family said.

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