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RIP! How Kunguru impacted my career – Mr Lenny

In the world of music, collaborations between artists are a common occurrence, but some collaborations go on to become legendary.

Mr Lenson Njuki, also known as Mr Lenny, has a unique story about meeting and collaborating with the late Eric Okoth Onguru, who used the stage name Kunguru.

Mr Lenny, a talented Kenyan musician, was signed to the Ogopa Deejay record label in 2003. During this time, one of the label’s producers, Lucas Bikedo, told him about a promising artist with a deep voice.

Mr Lenny pays tribute to Kunguru. PHOTO| Wilfred Nyangaresi

Intrigued, Mr Lenny decided to meet this artist and learn more about him.

Their meeting occurred in South B, at the Ogopa studio where Mr Lenny was based. It was there that he met Kunguru for the first time.

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However, Mr Lenny recalls initially finding it difficult to understand Kunguru, who spoke very quickly.

“I met this guy, who was talking very fast…he would talk in such a manner that I wouldn’t understand what he was talking about. But slowly by slowly I understood Kunguru and I agreed to work with him because I liked his music,” Mr Lenny said.

Despite this initial barrier, Mr Lenny recognized Kunguru’s talent and agreed to work with him.

Their first collaboration was a song called “African Woman,” written by Kunguru.

Mr Lenny contributed his sweet voice to the track, and the song quickly became a hit.

They collaborated on a second track called “Baby Don’t Go,” which was even more successful than their first.

Mr Lenny speaks fondly of his time working with Kunguru, describing him as a talented songwriter and a pleasure to work with.

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Although they did several other songs together, some of which were never released, “African Woman” and “Baby Don’t Go” remain their most famous collaborations.


“The song was ready, the video was ready and we released the song and we went to all television and radio stations and I can tell you, it was one of the biggest hits that came out that particular time,” Mr Lenny reminisced.

Sadly, Kunguru passed away on March 19, 2023, after being admitted to Nairobi Women’s Hospital for treatment.

His death was a great loss to the Kenyan music industry, and many artists, politicians, and public members mourned his passing.

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Despite the loss, Mr Lenny is determined to keep Kunguru’s memory alive. He has spoken about his plans to release some of their unreleased collaborations in honour of Kunguru’s legacy.

He believes that Kunguru’s talent and contributions to the music industry should not be forgotten.

In addition to his musical talent, Kunguru was also a political aspirant.

Pastor George Omore praying for the immediate family of the late artiste Kunguru led by widow Wilkister Oluoch(right) during a requiem mass at Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home, Nairobi on March 29, 2023.  PHOTO | WILFRED NYANGARESI


Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi revealed that Kunguru had plans to run for office in the 2027 elections.

Although his life was tragically cut short, his dreams and aspirations continue to inspire those who knew him.

Mr Lenny’s musical journey and his collaboration with Kunguru are a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration.

Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, they were able to create music that touched the hearts of many Kenyans. May he rest in peace.

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